Barriers of Telemedicine Communications

Telemedicine includes the utilization of electronic communications and software to offer clinical types of assistance to patients without an in-person visit. It refers to both side Video (Visual) and Audio (Voice) communication between a Healthcare provider and Patient, used to Examination, evaluate, diagnose, and treatment Plan patients.

Barriers to Telemedicine:

(1) Skill Development and Technology.

Remote health service runs on software and hardware, which needs retraining of paramedics on new technology and Software use, some physicians are not adept to use Software and Medical Devices integrated to the same.

(2) Right Medical Devices for proper examination.

Live video communications are not enough to allow comprehensive medical care. If doctors can’t check their patients individually, Just a video call won’t be sufficient, Doctors and Physicians cannot depend on paramedic for stethoscope lub-dub sound and Paramedic can make mistakes in making readings from SPo2/BP and other such devices, Apart from this specialized Cameras ( like OTO Scope, Intraoral and ophthalmoscope ) are required to conduct a proper check-up. Nowadays Doctors can even get Spirometer readings and can conduct ultrasound at a remote location.

(3) Improper use of Telemedicine

In Healthcare Industries many organizations have resorted to telemedicine centres as patient collection points only, they have established their small telemedicine setups in the rural area, but their purpose is only to bring the patient to the hospital to increase revenue.

(4) Mobile Apps incorrect use.

Doctors doing treatments on Mobile apps and making video calls is not correct Telemedicine, this will cause more damage to this new frontier of Healthcare, many doctors even during driving are prescribing medicine and not giving proper attention to patient and diagnostics, this type of telemedicine is one of the biggest barriers of Telemedicine.

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