Why We Do Self Medication And How To Avoid Self Medication

Remember the last time you self medicated yourself and why, is it normal Headache or pain in different parts of Body. These are very common Problems which are dealt with by taking self medication. Did we ever realize why do we Self Medicate, it is because we don’t want to give our Body Time to Heal or we should want quick action which is satisfying after taking these Medication. Self Medication does wonders and very easy Solution. Quick solution techniques we human love to follow and adopt the Process a way of our Life. Eventually we are harming our self by not giving time to our Physical Body, we need to understand why Pain existed, what are the reason behind and re-look what we eat in last 24 hours and our Sleeping Habits for last few days. Our Physical Body Give up in the below scenarios:

1. Late night sleeping, hindrance to our Body Clock System.
2. Eating habits effect our Physical Body, ultimately our Digestive System give up the normal procedure of burning and digesting food and starts to malfunction is normal process.
3. Inappropriate Sitting Postures in our Working hours, we don’t realize that our Spine is the most important Backbone System which is our Main Central Nerve System in our body. These Nerve are therefore reconnected to various other sections of our body ultimately leading to healthy Blood flow and energy circulation. We take our Spine for granted to adjust the way we want it to adjust and not understanding what is the right techniques of treating and living with our Spines.
We need to understand how we are living our life and do Self medication by understanding and listening to our Physical body and Mind. Self Medication depends from human to human interest:
1. Take short nap in mid afternoon after regress workout or working hours. Eat light meal in afternoon.
2. Drink Plenty of Water to avoid Dehydration and headaches.
3. Keep the Body Movements Gentle and not harsh and be very Gentle with your Spine and other leg moments after one hour of working on your laptop.
4. Eat more of Protein and Less Carbohydrates.
5. See if you can shift your taste to More consumption of Green Food rather than meat.
6. Intake of Seafood will help to maintain Protein level. Intake Fresh protein diet instead of capsules.
7. Notice the Gastro Elements in your food which you intake everyday, avoid the food that generates too much ofgastrointestinal in your body. This will help you to avoid Self Medication, like taking paracetamol, corcin, disprin etc.

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