Telemedicine Camps By Midasoga Healthcare

According to the National Health Profile released last year, one allopathic doctor in India attends to approximately 11,000 people. And that’s the average; the situation worsens in states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Every person, no matter what their financial status, has the right to benefit from health services.

Midas Oga Healthcare is a Trailblazing Health-tech start-up, focused on bringing Healthcare services to the Rural Doorstep with its Online Telemedicine Platform. Midas Oga Objectives is to curb the shortage of doctors and make specialist consultations available right at the villager’s doorstep, helping them avoid long distances travel which becomes expensive and time consuming for Village Population to travel to Metropolitan city for Health Facilities.

More specifically, the proliferation of telemedicine has increased the scope of services that can be provided remotely, allowing physicians to provide healthcare to patients that would not otherwise have access to such care. Now either a physician or midlevel provider can perform primary care consultations, psychiatric evaluations, emergency care, and other medical services remotely.

Midasoga Healthcare Solutions has successfully conducted 3 digital camps at Khajuri, Duduhpura and Dubaha City respectively at Samastipur, Bihar-India.

Although this is a new concept for the villagers but rural people have shown great interest in this concept and participated in these healthcare activities initiated by Midas Oga.

Villagers are benefited with these camps by the right diagnosis that too on time, cheap and affordable medications, and accurate reports being delivered for blood tests of Patients in these Rural areas.

Doctors along with a team of paramedic staff had made these events successful. Midas Oga will keep driving such events in the coming Weeks and ensuring Rural Areas such as Samastipur is benefited with the Telemedicine Technology.

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