“TeleMedicine” The Future of Healthcare Industries.

Healthcare industry is facing Headwinds in ‘Perfect Storm’ of Disruption.
Healthcare is one of the Last industries which are on the verge of Disruption because of Changing Consumer Demands , New entrants who are customer centric , adaptable , and are not resistant to Change.

Artificial Intelligence , Tele Medicine , Big Data Analytics , Cyber Security are making this disruption more eminent andconspicuous. Consumer-focused Entities are changing the landscape & making the shift imperative.

This reshaped Landscape is going to make Healthcare better, more available and affordable, Present day Medicare and insurance vertical is also going to be impacted with these newer technologies as these technologies will be able to offer prediction on the future of Persons healthcare using Neuro and Brain Mass Volume analysis using Big Data and Artificial intelligence.

These New Entrants are already positioning themselves to offer in the near-Term Future where patient experience and Populace health management is key for success.

Many of the researches are talking about how in Healthcare Industry “Outside Confluence of forces are intensifying to change Processes and Technologies to Reshape themselves for the changed Landscape”These “New Consumer Centric Innovative Entrants” will evolve the Healthcare industry to focus more on Patient Engagement, Precise Treatment and Right Medicine”

More researches are happening on the Technology front for Predictive analysis to support Healthcare insurance Mechanism which is today based on Risk Pooling – “ Group of People contributing to a common Pool which is held by a third party “.

Remote and Rural Health care does not have Professionals even for Primary care, even in a Country like India which produces 50,000 Doctors per year, 70% of India’s population which is in Villages do not have Doctors.

As per UN/WHO Ideal Doctor Population Ratio is 1:1000 and India is short by 9 Hundred Thousand Doctors to reach this Ratio but Question Remains will these Doctors go back personally to Rural Villages to Practice Medicine ?

Digital Clinics, Telemedicine is the only answer to fill this Gap and provide Primary Health care to Remote and Rural Places.

A Lot is there to write and happen,

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