Telemedicine Trends 2020

“Telemedicine Trends 2020 and will further strengthen the patient-physician relationship”

Telemedicine has gained a lot of popularity over the years and has exploded in digital technology. The telemedicine industry is expected to grow rapidly over the next ten years, reaching $ 36 billion by 2030. Also, in the coming years, work will be done in tandem between insurance companies and the care department to increase access to telemedicine, resulting in lower costs, and better patient outcomes. Health service providers are used to treat and diagnose their patients, but telehealth is actually improving the doctor-patient relationship. Instead of being face-to-face with patients’ care providers, patients can be comfortable and can be treated from the comfort of their home, at school, or anywhere. Telehealth can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient outcomes by increasing access to care. Some patients, elderly and suffering from a chronic condition, maybe ineligible to travel and patients who require primary care.

Telemedicine strength the relationship between patient and physician when and how: –

Understanding the patient’s symptoms before deciding whether a person’s treatment is necessary.

If a patient is feeling something due to the changing weather, they cannot know whether they should go to the hospital or take medicines at home, both these situations destroy the time and money of the patient. Telehealth Providers can use telemedicine techniques to quickly relieve their patient’s symptoms. If the provider needs more information to diagnose the patient, they can refer patient to the hospital.


The use of telepsychiatry is permitted in many states. Mental healthcare providers can use live video and audio to supplement in-person care, especially if one of their patients is in an emergency or the hospital is far from patient residency.


Patients may not need to come to the hospital, clinics, and Physician to update their prescriptions only, especially if they have been taking the same medication for years. A physician can quickly send e-prescriptions to the patients by using Telemedicine Mobile Application, taking precious time from their busy schedules.

Regular follow up’s and check-up’s

Doctors can use telehealth to get in touch with patients quickly to consult and identify symptoms as to whether they are recovering as expected, or otherwise. Doctors at Telemedicine can use live video and audio to talk to the Patients about how they are feeling or whether they have experienced any side effects.

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