World Blood Donor Day

Every year June 14 countries around the world celebrate world blood donor day to raise the awareness of the need of safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their life saving gifts of blood.This year campaign theme is “safe blood for all”to raise awareness of the universal need for safe blood in the delivery of health care and the crucial roles that voluntary donations play in achieving the goal of universal health coverage.Blood and blood products have a essential role in delivery of health care mostly in emergencies and chronic diseases such as thalassemia , leukaemia and sickle cell disease people suffering from these disease require a regular transfusions for just living their life ,This is the only treatment option that is available to them. They are also important for people undergoing surgeries and pregnant women as sometimes they need blood transfusions.

First of all countries suffer the shortage of blood and blood components then after that the blood that is collected some part of it is contaminated with different kind of bacteria’s and viruses due to faulty process of collection and storage which makes the blood unsafe.

There is a misconception that donating blood makes you weak, specially in India, i assure you that this is not the case there are some criteria for donating blood like your weight should be more than 50 kg, age should be 18-65, HB level should be above a particular limit ,you should not have a flu or some other problem and so on , if you fulfil that criteria donating blood has benefits on your health rather than ill effects .everyone should donate blood once in 6 months as we have a saying in India “RAKHT DAAN MAHA DAAN .

Today it is a request from me to all the readers to confront the shortage of blood and blood products in India .

  • Become a blood donor today and help save lives.
  • Commit to being a regular donor and give blood throughout the year.
  • Encourage your friends and family to become regular blood donors.
  • Volunteer with the blood service to reach out to members of your community, provide care to donors, and help manage blood donation sessions/drives.
  • Find out your blood type and register as a blood donor.
  • Participate in local World Blood Donor Day events.

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